My name is Kim Bates and welcome to my website!

If you’re looking around this website, chances are you share my passion for ponies!

I have fallen in love with my beautiful horse and maybe you have too?

I fell in love with his humbleness, and softness and of course his good looks!

One day, after staring out at him in the paddock, the idea came to mind to share my passion of horses and his beauty with the world.

And that’s how White Horse Wedding Hire Whitsundays was born.

I decided to create a business where I could share my horse and add in a little exra magic to someone’s special day.

My love of horses and desire to make people happy and smile confirmed this business as a win/win idea.  

Sharing my horse with other people means making their day even more memorable which really feels my heart with joy.

I offer specialised packages and services to make sure you get exactly what you are after.


Who would be looking for a white horse?

  • Are you a Bride looking for a white horse to include in your wedding photos?
  • Are you going to your school formal and want something a little different for your day?
  • Do you have a special event in your life and want to create a special feel to it?

Want to know more?


Ok, let me tell you a little bit about my beautiful horse.

  • His name is Daiquiri Full Moon Mystic
  • He is a safe, quiet horse
  • Registered Stock Horse – Cremello
  • He is a Palomino/Albino with gorgeous blue eyes
  • He is 15.3 hands high and weighs 600 kilos
  • His favourite food is Potato chips
  • Most common comment about him is “He Is Beautiful”
  • His paddock buddies are Jigsaw and JD (both horses)
  • Other farm mates include Lani and Truck Yeah (2 cows)
  • He has a beautiful mane of hair and loves it when I braid or brush it for him (he’s a real Prince)

Daiquiri loves being involved in special events.  He loves people and loves getting attention!

If you would like to hire Daiquiri for your weddings, special function, event or photo shoots just click the button below and tell me what you had in mind and we can set up a time to talk.

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